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Why I Started Off 2021 Celebrating
And You Should Too...

Like many people, I let out a huge sigh of relief when 2020 ticked over into 2021 … and then I immediately started holding my breath again! For a few weeks there (and even still, somewhat, now) it felt like 2021 was just 2020 but with bangs and not the cute kind.

In light of all of that, a lot of people I know came into the new year feeling really hesitant and anxious, even low key and a still a bit overwhelmed. Almost like they were afraid to be happy about anything, just in case it got taken away again.

And let’s be clear: I really get it. There’s been so much insanity going on, it can feel sort of misaligned to celebrate the start of a new year. After all, isn’t it weird to be celebrating when we’re still living through a new historical and at times horrifying event every day?

But I came into the year literally popping champagne and I think you should be celebrating too— keep reading to hear why. Yep - by the way, this is my first “newsletter” - for now we’re calling it Vibes with Vanessa for now, so give it a read and even better, a share! Drop your email below and get the rest of the stoy and the inside scoop on some other cool things we should celebrate!

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